Carla is a British born artist and designer living in Philadelphia, PA. Using pattern as a vehicle to articulate memory, Carla's paintings, textiles, and murals are visual recordings informed by her interactions with both natural landscapes and the built environment. Distilling the color and form experienced in specific geographic locations, Carla aims to create 2-dimensional patterns that communicate a resonating sense of place.

Carla holds a BA in Art History, and professional experience in Exhibition Design, Set Production, and Retail Display. Her formal and applied skills are both self-taught and lovingly collected from a sea of talented colleagues and friends.


Carla is available for painting commissions and open to collaboration! Please don't hesitate to email with thoughts or questions:

Follow Carla's creative process on Instagram @carlajweeks 

artwork photography by Sam Oberter / studio photography by Chris Setty / textile photography by Alyssa Hoppe